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Rhythm Salvation is a game where you save your soul by keeping time with the music.

As enemies approach, they will move into an outline. When an enemy is fully inside its outline, press Z or X on your keyboard (or alternate between the two). Enemies approach you keeping time with the music, so try to use sound to help you time your hits!

Your ability to hit the enemies in time with the music will affect your Soul Purity. Will you become a WARRIOR OF LIGHT, or sink to the levels of HELLSPAWN? (The game is pretty challenging, so don't worry if you're not perfect the first time -- keep practicing!)

Rhythm Salvation was made by two developers at Paralune for the Summer 2018 UE4 jam. It's inspired by personal experiences with guilt, self-punishment, and OCD, but we also just wanted to make a fun rhythm game.

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Unzip the download folder and run the "UE4Jam2018.exe" executable.


RhythmSalvation.zip 100 MB

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