Hi all, we've just uploaded a patch with some significant changes in preparation for the full game (which will have its own page -- stay tuned for more info) to launch tomorrow. Here are the changes:

  • The Prologue features a brand new intro sequence which hints at the nature of the cosmic events taking place in the story.
  • Elil's dialog at the beginning of the game is slightly modified to better explain the scenario.
  • You can now view all of the watercolor illustrations you've collected by doing Fables! This is available within the Teleport menu (T on keyboard, X on gamepad). In the full game, your illustration collection will persist across all playthroughs.
  • You can now read all of the pages you've collected from the Library (also available from the Teleport menu).
  • The Prologue now supports upgrading your save file to the full game! Please note that you MUST start a fresh save file (and see the new intro) to be able to transfer your save file to the full game and pick up where you left off. Older save files don't support this feature as this would potentially lead to missing new content in the full game.
  • The settings menu has been redesigned for friendlier gamepad navigation.
  • Various minor bugfixes

We've been blown away by all the support and watching everyone enjoy the Prologue, and hope you'll look forward to the full game tomorrow.

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